The time is NOW for you to increase your influence, leverage new media marketing and technology, and create a platform for your ministry and/or business to thrive. The new economy is best suited for leaders who are ready to take action.

Kingsway is a voice for ministry and business success. Since starting his coaching practice, the founder has grown his enterprise to reach the world and wants to show you how to grow a profitable ministry/business as well, no matter what level you want to reach. How do we do that? We start with a Business Assessment to determine where your business strengths and weaknesses are currently.  From there we develop a plan to help you move forward.

The Professionals Guide to Mastering the Four Seasons of Business

New 4 Seasons logo.11.2013Learn how to develop a successful marketing strategy with Kingsway’s unique Guide to Mastering the Four Seasons of Business. Creating a plan using the natural progression of growth, we have developed a system that will change your thinking about marketing.    

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Whether you are a new business owner, counselor, coach, author, or ministry leader, or have been in business for years, you’re about to learn strategies and methods that will allow you to increase your income, get more clients, and grow your contact base.

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Kingsway’s step by step and practical teaching, coaching, and tools will help you build your business, increase your income, gain more free time, and create an abundant life while making “The Difference” you have always wanted. There are several powerful products and programs to help you grow your ministry or business - and you. From internet marketing strategies and tools to ministry and business growth plans to success attitudes for leaders.


How to Sell Your Services without Compromising Your Values

core values

“The power of an accurate paradigm lies in its ability to explain and predict.” Stephen R. Covey A proper paradigm should become a process that allows you to measure progress and adjust your focus. As a sales person, start-up business, or seasoned business owner, it’s important to have an accurate sales paradigm so that when it becomes a process you are able to accurately track your progress. 22 “As long as the earth endures, seedtime … (Continue Reading…)

Maximizing Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction

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How do you know if your customers are satisfied? What are customers saying about their experience with your products and services? Business owners who can’t answer these questions often feel uneasy and lack confidence in their own success and sustainability. Business owners who can’t answer these questions have customers who are talking about their business to other potential clients without knowing what impression they are giving. Client Fulfillment refers to a system that measures whether … (Continue Reading…)

How to Start a Business: 8 Essential Pieces to a Successful Startup

How Start a Business: Business Model

Did you know there is a significant distinction between working IN your business and working ON your business?  Many bright and knowledgeable people enter into a business in which they feel they have a core competency.  These people are highly trained in their field and have excellent skills in areas in which they are trained, but they have no experience or training in how to run a business. You may have heard one of Aesop’s … (Continue Reading…)